On my first rental, is there a check in process?

Yes, on your first trip with us, a Silvercar Concierge will need to check your driver's license to verify your eligibility and identity. You will also be required to present a major credit card in your name that matches the credit card in your profile.  These steps should only have to happen one time, unless your driver's license expires or you change the credit card in your profile.  

Also, when you arrive on your first trip, our concierges are happy to help you with the necessary one-time steps of downloading the Silvercar app and completing your profile, if you haven't done so already.

After your first Silvercar trip, you will be self-service enabled. This means that on all your subsequent rentals, all you have to do is arrive at our car pick up area, select and access your Silvercar, and be on your way by using your smartphone. 

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