How do I use Silvercar?

Using Silvercar is easy peasy... first, reserve online at ** or through the Silvercar mobile app, which you can download for free at these links:  iPhone and  Android.  Then, **complete your customer profile as instructed in your confirmation email.  Speaking of which... be on the lookout for your confirmation email as it contains important information you will want to know.

Go ahead, download the App now.  You will need it to start your reservation.  

If you're already at the airport, we are not on-site and easily "walk-up" accessible, but we'd love to get you into one of our cars.  Please note:  we can't guarantee availability for a reservation made within 2 hours of your desired pick-up time.

Once you've grabbed your bags, simply click the "Pick Me Up" button in your Silvercar app for instructions on how to pick up your Silvercar.  No counters at Silvercar, which means no lines, no paperwork and no hassles. 

First time renters please note:  we will need to take a quick look at your driver's license and credit card before we can put you in one of our cars.  You must be 22 years or older, and the name on the credit card must be yours!  After your first time, we don't have to look at those things again, unless you change them in your profile.  

Car return is seamless. Re-fueling is entirely optional. (If you skip it, we only charge market rate for gas you actually use, plus a flat $5.) To complete your rental, just return to the designated drop-off site (the address can be found in the Silvercar app menu and is also located in the car's navigation system under NAV -> DESTINATIONS -> FAVORITES). Upon returning the car, your reservation will end and you will receive an e-receipt via email.  We'll make sure you get to the airport too. It's that simple.

Normal operating hours vary by city.  Please check the location specific FAQs for operating hour information.  

Reminder: We cannot guarantee service if you book within 2 hours of your desired pick up time or for bookings made outside of our normal operating hours.  Just contact us at or call 855-359-2227 when booking for specific pick up or drop off requests, and we’ll have you covered.

One of our Concierge staff will be on-hand at all times to assist you as desired when accessing or returning your Silvercar. 

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