How do I use my smartphone to select and access the Silvercar?

Selecting and accessing your Silvercar is simple. Prior to arriving at the car pickup area, be sure to download the Silvercar app on your smart phone (free through iTunes or Google Play) and complete your Silvercar profile either on your smart phone or via  Then, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app. Launch the Silvercar app on your smartphone, and if needed, log in. Note: We are continuously improving our service offerings, so make sure you have the most current version of the app downloaded on your smart phone.
  2. Choose any Silvercar. All are identical silver Audi A4s. 
  3. Scan the code. Silvercar’s QR barcode sticker is the square, black-and-white graphic found on the lower front windshield on the driver’s side (usually above the car's inspection sticker). Then, in the app, tap the scan button to enable scanning. To scan, hold your smartphone as if to snap a photo of the code, using the frame on your screen as a guide. In a few seconds, your phone will read and capture the code, and your Silvercar will be selected.  
  4. Accept and unlock. Finally, follow the prompts in the app to confirm your selection of the car and to accept the rental agreement. In a few seconds, after your information is submitted and validated, your Silvercar will unlock for you and the trunk will open. You’ll find the Audi key in the center console; use it for the rest of your trip after the initial unlock. 

If you experience any issues or have questions, a Silvercar concierge will be standing by, ready to assist you. If your smartphone is not one that our app supports, let us know on arrival, and a concierge will be happy to perform the above steps on your behalf.

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