What are the protection coverage options for my Silvercar rental?

Silvercar aims to explain protection options simply. Our goal is to offer coverage where needed and never to confuse or upsell. Silvercar offers three types of optional coverage individually, or a package of all three:

  • Everything you need: Comprehensive (includes all options below). *$49 per day. This option gives you the most complete coverage for your car rental experience. It includes coverage for you, your stuff, third parties (if there’s an accident), your passengers, their stuff, and the car. 
  • You and your things: Personal accident, personal property. *$7 per day. This option includes personal accident insurance and personal property insurance. What this means is that you (and potentially your passengers) will be reimbursed for damage or loss of personal property or for medical expenses in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident.
  • Just the car: Collision, loss damage waivers. *$28 per day. This option covers your Silvercar. Selecting this option means that we will assume all loss or damage to the car during your rental, with some exceptions specified in the rental agreement.
  • Other people and their things: Supplemental liability insurance. *$14 per day. This option provides coverage against claims made by a third party for injury and damage if an accident occurs. This option also includes protection for authorized drivers you have properly added to your reservation. 

*Silvercar coverage pricing will vary depending on location.

The most current information can be viewed when booking a Silvercar, with details linked from the insurance selection screen.

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