How do I use my voice to operate the multi-media interface (MMI)?

The most common use of voice commands is to enter a destination address. Voice navigation is easy but can be affected by road noise so it's best performed while the vehicle is stationary.

To use Navigation Voice Command:

1. Press the talk button, wait or the prompt and say:
Say, "Enter address"

2. Wait for the MMI to ask for the address,"Please say the house number, street, city and state"

Speak the address clearly. "123 Main St., Dallas Tx."

3. The list will be loaded a confirmation will be spoken and you will be asked if you want to begin route guidance,

say "Yes"

Below are the most common voice commands customers will find useful. Instruct them to tap the "Voice Command" button on the steering wheel, and speak any of the following commands.

Remind customers to for the MMI prompts.

  • Navigation
  • Telephone
  • Directory
  • Enter Destination
  • Call <name> *in directory
  • Cancel
  • Start Route Guidance
  • Cancel Route Guidance
  • Last Destinations
  • Favorites

For Siri or Android based platforms, voice commands are more flexible and capable than the MMI system. Anything customers normally use Siri and Android based platforms for, can be done with the "Voice Command" function of the A4.

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