What is the Salt Lake City (SLC) location address, directions, and operating hours?

Silvercar Salt Lake City is located just a short distance from the Salt Lake City airport rental car center. The address is 1785 S 4130 W, STE M,N,O Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Our normal operating hours are 5 am to 11 pm, Monday through Sunday, and as necessary to meet customer pick up and drop off needs outside of normal operating hours. We cannot guarantee availability for reservations made within 2 hours of the desired pick-up time or made during overnight hours when we are closed. Just contact us at (855) FLY-2-CAR (855-359-2227), or by emailing support@silvercar.com when booking to make special accommodations.   

If your flight is delayed, please let us know. We do our best to accommodate late arrivals after our closing time; however, we cannot guarantee availability beyond that time.  

If your rental has already started and you need to change your drop off schedule, simply call or text our customer support center at (855) FLY-2-CAR (855-359-2227), or by emailing support@silvercar.com.

The Salt Lake City drop-off address and driving directions can be found in the Silvercar app menu or in the car's navigation system by going to NAV -> Destinations - > Favorites.

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