How do I pick up my Silvercar in Orlando?

About this Silvercar location… We are located off-site, just a few minutes away from the airport. But don’t let that scare you. We will get you in your car and on the road faster than any other car rental company on-site because we have no counter, no lines, no up-sells or carbon contracts to sign. The car is ready to go when you get here, so you only need to scan and go! We’ve timed it all. We know!

When you arrive at the Orlando Airport, grab your bags and press the "Pick Me Up" button to let us know you’ve arrived.

For both Side A and Side B terminals: Make your way to Level 1 following signs for ground transportation. Exit the terminal and walk to Commercial Lane parking spaces A11-13 for Side A or B11-13 for Side B.

Be on the lookout for a shiny silver Audi. We’ll pick you up curbside, take you to our location, and get you on the road.

Or simply call or text us at (407) 612-6306 to let us know you've landed, and we will direct you to our pickup location.

If you are a local renter, you can pick up your Silvercar directly from our location at 5600 Butler National Drive, Orlando, FL 32812.

On-site parking is currently not available at this location. If you have any specific questions regarding local pick-ups and drop-offs please contact us at 855-359-2227 or via email at

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